Andrea Harris

Hi my name is Andrea Harris, I’m a Security Steward and I work as part of the Events Liverpool team (the best team in my opinion!).

I started my career with Events as a Safety Steward and completed my NVQ Level 2 in Spectator Safety, going on to complete Pit Training. In February 2010, I completed my SIA Door Supervisor Licence and became a Security Steward and now I have just started my training as a Trainee Supervisor. I am keen and eager to learn so any opportunity that I can get to learn new things, I jump at the chance.

My role as a Security Steward is to make sure that everyone is safe, helping people with issues, generally helping people with directions, being part of the build up team that makes sure everything is in place before the event takes place. On my first shift as Trainee Supervisor at Global Gathering, I worked alongside the police in the search area which I really enjoyed as it was a new learning curve for me and something for me to get my teeth into.

I’m really looking forward to working at V festival this year as I am going to be part of a new Events Support Team who will be working in partnership with the police and I’m excited to be part of this new initiative.

I absolutely love everything about my job and I count myself as a very lucky person. Customers talk about events for months before they attend as they really look forward to the event – well that is my life every day and it is a bonus that I get paid to do it. I have never had a job like it.

Originally I wanted to be a prison officer and after viewing the G4S website I came across an advert for Wimbledon, so I contacted my local office and never looked back. The first event I worked was the Grand National – I never did work at Wimbledon.

The best part of the job for me is the team that I work with. We have such a great laugh and banter at work, which is not what people think when they think of security. I also love the interaction with the customers, although you do sometimes have to deal with confrontation but it is all about talking people down and bringing calm to the situation.

By far my favourite event this year was working backstage at Bon Jovi at Lancashire County Cricket Club as I have loved them since I was 11 and I have been to every concert but this time I got paid to go!.

Anyone thinking of joining us, I would say just do it. You have nothing to lose and it is one of the best jobs that you can ever have. Money can’t buy what you get to see in this job. It is the best job in the world.