Andrew Smith

Hi my name is Andrew and I am a Supervisor working as part of the Manchester team.

What I like about the role is it is completely diverse compared to my full time job working for an aerospace company.   I get the opportunity to meet new people and be involved in things that interest me.  I have always been interested in learning and I think I have learnt more since I have left school than what I actually learnt at school.

Working with a good variety of people stands me in good stead.  Life is all about getting on with people and I had a good upbringing so I get on well with others and I think this rubs off on other people.

A lot of the time I am responsible for working on gates so a typical shift for me would be booking in for my shift, running through the staffing levels, deploying and briefing my team, issue ticket scanning machines, communicate with the team and supporting them where needed.  I do a far amount of walking around my area checking that everyone is on the ball as I believe if the customers come in happy, they stay happy.

I am fortunate that I work with a good bunch of people and that helps my area run well.  I always make sure that I get the right information when I get to an event and that I pass it onto my team.  If they get the right information and they familiarise themselves with the venue, then the team will work well.

The most challenging part of the job is dealing with irate, disruptive or rude customers.

The Grand National was the best event that I have worked on and each day the time flew by which means we had a good day.  My team all said that they wanted to come back and work for me next year, which is a real buzz.

I was approached to be part of the new Events Support Team that will be working at V Festival for the first time and as I said I like to learn new things, so I am looking forward to this opportunity and being part of the new team.

The good thing about working for G4S is that I get to choose which events I work to fit around my other job and spending time with my kids.

Anyone thinking of joining should try and take on as many opportunities as they can and try to work a variety of jobs as this will open up more opportunities to you.  Just remember to take it in your stride and enjoy it.