Event SupervisorMy name is Anna and I currently work in the South of England as an Events Supervisor and I have been with the company for 5 years.

My role is demanding as it is rewarding.   I’m mainly responsible for staff, ensuring that they are appropriately supported within their scope of stewarding duties and also to provide leadership on a large event.

I heard about the job when looking for a part time role that was flexible and I saw the advert and haven’t looked back since.

The most challenging part of my role is when I am working at a large scale event and I am  responsible for large numbers of personnel and making sure they are ok and clear on their duties.

I couldn’t say I have a favourite event as there has been so many of them! However my favourite venue is Earls Court, as there is such a diverse range of events which I have worked at.

Excel Centre for the DSEI is one of the trickiest ones which I work at, as again having such a large amount of staff under my direction can be daunting.

I would say to anyone who is thinking of applying that you should remain positive and give it a go! With such a supportive working environment and a range of events to keep you busy it really is a great job, with great flexibility which enables you to maintain your current commitments.