Events supervisor jobs
Hi my name is Jennifer, I am 27 and I joined the company 3 years ago, now working as an Event Supervisor in the West of Scotland.

My role involves supervising, deploying & briefing staff at an event within the area which I work in. My main responsibility is to ensure that all the staff in my team are aware of their role at the event and as to how they contribute to the success of the event.

I joined the company because a friend of mine was already working here and I was looking for a part time job. When I started I was a really shy person, however this job has really brought me out of my shell. I feel that my confidence and people skills have really developed and many of my friends say that too.

I love this job. I love the massively social element of the role and that you meet so many people, working all over the country from festivals to football.

There is always a hesitance when working at a new venue, and as a supervisor you need to familiarise yourself with the area and then pass on the instructions to the stewards under my direction.

My most memorable and favourite event I have worked was this year, working as an event “shadow” at T in the Park. My job was to follow the event promoters and relay messages and requests to the event control. It was a good fun.

Working at Hampden for international football games can be really challenging. Dealing with the patrons and communicating with them can be a struggle.

My advice to anyone who was thinking of applying is enjoy yourself and never be shy! The role itself develops your confidence and communication skills, and before starting here I was really shy, however now I will speak to anyone!