Josh Clarke, Event Steward jobs

Hi my name is Joshua, I am a Safety Steward working mainly work in Perth in the hospitality team and have been with the company over 2 years.

The flexibility and choice is what attracted me to the role, and I enjoy dealing and assisting the public, my efforts for this have also enabled me to achieve employee of the month recently which shows the company takes a keen interest in my contributions.

I enjoy talking to the public and creating banter with them – it helps the day go better for me and also creates a positive relationship between G4S and the customers. Sometimes the public can be difficult often after a drink, however most of them are there to have a good time.

I really enjoyed Take That concert this year as the atmosphere and weather was really positive, however I am not particularly a fan of working outside at the football in the winter months.

My advice to anyone looking to work at G4S Events is listen. Take in the information at the event briefings and the advice of the supervisors which you work with. Nearly all the supervisors have a different approach to working and different experiences which you learn from.