Kevin Todd, Events Security Officer

My name is Kev, I’m 42 and I work in the East of Scotland working at a variety of venues and events here and across the UK. I have been with the company for 2 years and I work as a Security Steward.

I decided to move into a security role and do the conflict management and door supervision course in order to extend and develop my skills and to open up more opportunity to work within the company, however I still often work in a Safety Steward role too.

My main duties include advising and directing the public at a range of events I work at and provide solutions to any problems which the patrons incur.

I decided to apply for a role with G4S Events as I thought it would be different, fun and that no two days would be the same – and I was right. There is such a variety of events and places which I work in from rugby to football, to concerts.

Dealing with drunk people is probably the most difficult part of my job, however you still need to remain professional and assertive, in order not to affect others at the event.

I enjoyed T in the Park this year, I mainly worked In the vehicle search area and dealt with searching and checking all vehicles which entered the site. It was tough but on show nights I could hear a selection of music from all the different tents at the event. Hampden is one of the toughest venues I have worked in as it is one of the biggest.

I would say to anyone thinking of applying to give it a go, as there are always a large number of people in the company who are always willing to support and assist you. All the supervisors and your fellow colleagues will make sure you are looked after.