Shakeel Ahmed

My name is Shakeel, I am 20 years old and I work as a Security Steward mainly in the Glasgow Events team.

My role is 98 % customer service – even though I work in a security role its all about the customer, being positive and having a happy face. The other 2% is dealing with disruptive people, which can be challenging.

We do loads of short shifts during the week and often weekends for the football.

I enjoy the events and being in the atmosphere of the event – it’s a great job for me and a great job for students!

The best bit about the job is the banter and chat with my colleagues, and having a laugh. The most difficult element of the job is dealing with drunken people, but you get used to it.

My best event was T in the Park and working in the main stage pit, great atmosphere, great colleagues and great weather!! What more could you ask for!

My advice to anyone who is thinking of doing it – just go for it!! No two shifts are the same, but it is really important to try and plan your lifestyle around the work offered, otherwise you end up signed up to loads of events and you can only do one at a time!!