What if I cannot find a  job advert in my area?

We only recruit in the areas where we need staff and when we need them; therefore, you will only see adverts for the areas in which we need staff. If there isn’t a vacancy in your area please regularly check the portal as our requirements constantly change. Please note you must be able to travel to the area you are applying to work in for e.g. there is no point applying for a role in Edinburgh if you live in London. 


Why do I need an email?

At G4S Events, due to the volumes of people we recruit, it is vital that you keep your  email address up to date. All our candidates need to ensure that that the address they use to apply for the role (register for) is monitored by you. This is how we will communicate with you regarding the recruitment & screening process and our onboarding process should you be successful. So please ensure that this email remains valid, and that you check it regularly.


How do I book an Interview with G4S Events?

Once you have registered and applied for a role online you will be presented with interview slots that are available to book immediately. If none of the available slots are suitable for you please do not book one, we will contact you via email when/if new slots become available.

If you haven’t been able to book an interview day this means there are none available as demand for our interview slots is high and they do fill up very quickly.

If you cannot see a vacancy for the area you currently reside, this will be because we are not currently recruiting at the moment.


How do I change/rebook my interview slot?

If you wish to rebook or change the date and / or time of your interview please log back into the Careers portal where you will see the link to rebook or change your interview slot directly under “my applications”.  Please be aware there are limited numbers of interview slots in any one area.


How do I cancel my interview slot?

If you wish to cancel an existing events interview booking, please log back into the careers portal where you will see the link to cancel an existing interview directly under “my applications”.


There is only 1 interview slot and I can’t make that day what do I do?

Due to the volume of recruitment undertaken in events, we can only facilitate a limited number of interview dates and times.  If none of these dates and times are suitable for you, please regularly check the portal as additional dates will be added depending upon demand. Please also note, we only hold interviews in each area when we have a current vacancy. It is your responsibility to make your own way to the interview.


Can I attend more than one recruitment assessment day?

There is no need to attend more than one interview day.  Once you have attended an interview you will be in our system and we will contact you regarding the next steps. Please also note, you can only apply for one vacancy with G4S Events.  Candidates who are successful will have the opportunity to work at a number of events regionally & nationally which is managed by our Operations team. Therefore you DO NOT need to attend another interview for an additional role/position/event


What happens at the recruitment day?

Arrival – on arrival we will check you in and check you have the correct proof of ID and proof of address documentation. This is why you need to previously book an appointment

You will be required to complete a CRB form (if applicable).  You will be handed an Events Experience leaflet that answers a number of different questions (in more indepth) you may have.

You will then be interviewed by one of our Resourcing Team.  It is during this interview process that we will go through your online application to ensure it is complete.  It is vital that you complete as much of your on-line application as possible prior to your interview.  This will ensure your application form can be processed quickly and efficiently on the day.

You will then have your photograph taken and your ID documents will be checked and photocopied.


 You ask for a lot of data for my online application. Why is this?

Due to the nature of our business and the clients/events/venues/patrons attending events we work in – we must ensure we are through with our application process. If you are concerned with any part of the application process you can speak to one of the resourcing team or our Events HR team.


How long will the recruitment day take?

It will take approx. 45mins to 2 hours to go through the whole process.  This will depend on how much information you have provided on your application form prior to interview. The more information you have provided beforehand – the quicker the process will be. During peak periods of interview timings, the process can last up to 2 hours.


What documents do I need to bring with me?

You need to bring the following documentation to your interview:

  • Valid Passport or full length Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Right to Work in the UK
  • Proof of address (driving license or utility bill/bank statement dated within the last month. Please note pay slips and mobile phone bills are not acceptable)
  • National Insurance Card (if you haven’t got your NI card we would also accept a P45 or P60)
  • Bank account details

If you are in possession of a valid SIA Door Supervision or any other SIA license please also bring this/these along with you.

If you have any other relevant training certificates e.g. First Aid / X-Ray Operator certificates etc. please bring these along and we will take a photocopy for your file. If you don’t have these to hand for your interview, that is fine we can obtain these at a later stage if you are successful. We will also email a link to you that enables you to locate the interview location on a Google map.

 You will recieve a full document list of what is needed to be brought along once your application is made/confirmed.


What if I do not have my passport or full length birth certificate at the recruitment day?

Unfortunately, if you do not have your proof of Identification and your Right to Work documentation with you we will not be able to proceed with your interview. You will be turned away from check-in and asked to rebook another interview when you have the required documentation. This is due to the strict screening standards we have as a company.


What happens if I forget any ID documents?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to interview you.  Due to our strict Screening & Vetting procedures we need to sight your original Identification documents during the interview process.


What happens if I don’t get my missing documentation to you within 7 days?

If you fail to provide your missing documentation to us within the 7 working days of your interview your application will be withdrawn. As you can understand we need to process our applicants to screening as soon as possible.


Who do I contact if I’m running late for my interview?

If you are running late you should still come to the interview as normal.  If you miss your time slot you may need to wait while we try to fit you in as best we can.  If we are unable to accommodate you at your interview day you will need to rebook for another day. Please do attempt to make the interview time you were allocated.


What happens if I miss my interview slot?

If you fail to arrive for your interview you will receive an email from us with a link to rebook yourself for another interview date and time (depending on current availability & demand).  However, if there are no more interview sessions available we will withdraw you from this vacancy and you will need to re-apply for another vacancy at a later time.  As you can appreciate the demand for our positions is exceptionally high, therefore, to avoid disappointment please book into an interview date and time that is suitable to you at the time of completing your on-line application.


When will I know if I have passed my interview and what will happen next?

Following your interview you will receive an email highlighting whether you are successful or unsuccessful.  If you are successful your application will be sent to our Screening Department where the appropriate company screening and vetting checks will be carried out. This does take time, as we are reliant on your previous work/educational history getting back to us promptly. Should our Screening team contact you for additional information please get back to them as soon as possible, as this may hold up your application.

You can check on the status of your application by logging into your profile on the Global Careers Centre, where you first registered.

If you unsuccessful, you are not eligible to apply of another events role for 6 months.


One of the documents it asks me to fill in is an Educational Reference Form, do I need to do this?

Yes, in order to process your application through our screening quickly please bring this document with you to the interview filled in by your university/college.  If you are Not currently in education (or have been in the last 5 years) you dont need to bring this.


One of the documents it asks  me to fill in an Unemployed form by the Job Centre, do I need to do this?

Yes, in order to process your application through our screening quickly please bring this document with you to the interview filled in by your local Job Centre. If you are not currently registered unemployed (or have been in the last 5 years) you Do not need to bring this along.


I haven’t heard from G4S Events In a while?

All our candidates need to go through our enhanced Screening & Vetting process due to the nature of events & clients we work at. This process can take up to 4 -6 weeks depending on your application data and how prompt your employment & personal references respond to us. If your application has exceeded over 6 weeks, please feel free to contact us by email at crowdpleaser@uk.g4s.com stating your full name, area, job applied for and date of interview. We can only respond to direct candidates.


What If I am unsuccessful at the interview day?

Unfortunately, you cannot re-apply to work with G4S Events for a period of six (6) months if you were unsuccessful at interview.


I actually want a full time job with G4S?

Unfortunately within G4S Events we don’t have any full time roles. All of our roles are casual due to the nature of our events; however this is ideal for people looking for a flexible role at evenings & weekends. However if you are looking for a full time role please see our website www.g4s.com/careers

 We also are unable to provide any updates on any other recruitment applications which you have with the wider G4S Business. We advise you get in touch with your initial contact for this role.


What do I do if I am no longer interested in applying for this role and want to

withdraw my application?

You need to email us crowdpleaser@uk.g4s.com advising of your full name and the vacancy you applied for.  Once we withdraw your application from our system you will receive an email confirming that your application has been withdrawn.


The answer to my question isn’t on these FAQs?

Please feel free to email us on crowdpleaser@uk.g4s.com However Please ensure you state your full name, area you reside, the job you have applied for (if applicable) and a contact number for yourself. We aim to respond to all our emails within 48 hours however during peak recruiting periods it may take slightly longer.