Meet Our People

On any day, throughout the year, teams of personnel employed by the world’s largest security solutions group, G4S, will be totally focused on ensuring the safety of major events and of the spectators who have paid to enjoy them. The growth of G4S Events’ operations in many countries reflects two interesting developments. First is the public’s insatiable appetite for entertainment on a large scale. Second is G4S’s increasing reputation as the undisputed expert in security and crowd management at everything from pop concerts to international sporting events.

As well as this expertise, it has a sufficiently large reservoir of qualified security officers and stewards to be able to assemble large teams for short periods of time, capable of satisfying the many demands of event organisers. It’s a reputation built on decades of experience, resulting in a deep understanding of the unique issues and challenges that such events pose.  And it is being enhanced by the developing insight into crowd behaviour that has emerged in recent years.  That’s why the G4S brand is so much in evidence at football matches, sporting events, music festivals and even royal ocassions.

G4S’s experienced management teams responsible for similar festivals in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world work closely with the event organisers, police and local authorities throughout the year to make sure that every eventuality has been discussed and prepared for.